I Wanted to be a Bard

By Chama C. Fox 2007


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There are those who are what they ought to be
Their fate is written in stars
From the day they were born a hero
To the night they lay down their sword
Their fate is clear
Right now and here
Their glory is ours

Amongst them I stand and I wonder
Tell me why it won't work for me
A disciple of Jin they made me
But it isn't the path I'd choose
Why can't they see
Why can't I be
who I want to be

I wanted to be a bard
Of musical lore, vanguard
Singing the songs of great destiny

I wanted to be a bard
But they told me it was too hard
A Raki like me could never be
A bard

Lute solo!

It's not fair! Despite all my efforts
To learn the songs all by heart
Every note that I sing, disaster
And the long-legs refuse to help
No-one will tell
They all just yell
And hastily depart
My lute is silent and broken
'Cause strings don't work well with claws
My recorder asunder cloven
But I don't know what I did wrong
When is my turn?
When can I earn
My share of applause?

I wanted to be a bard
Receiving the crowd's regard
Champion of legends, to music sworn

I wanted to be a bard
But they left me just torn and scarred
With cat-calls and scorn
For a Raki reborn
As a bard

I wanted to be a bard
Of musical lore, vanguard
Singing the songs of destiny

I wanted to be a bard
But they told me it was too hard
A Raki like me could never be
A bard


Myrr Thistletail is a young Raki (fox people) vixen on Florendyl, the role-playing server on the MMORPG Vanguard: Saga of Heroes.

It is Myrr's most burning desire in life to become a bard. The humans and elves (who she calls "long-legs") around her, however, are quite abhorred by her attempts at learning to play instruments and singing, and mostly chase her away. In this song, Myrr is lamenting her unfair situation.

I had the idea for this song when I was planning Myrr's character, a couple of weeks before the actual release. Rumours were circulating all over the net about the game; what would be possible, classes, races, and so on. Since I quite like foxes, a Raki was a given, and according to some rumours on a few web sites, Raki could be, amongst other things, bards. Great! thought I, and continued planning Myrr...

Then the game came out. As it turned out, Raki could not be bards, after all. The game mechanics would not allow it. "Dang it to heck!" (or some equivalent expression) I thought, and then realized how annoyed poor Myrr would be about that. She'd... she'd... write a song about it!

So I did...


The arrangement was made in Cakewalk Sonar 6 Producer and is using the sound libraries Colossus and Drumkit from Hell 2.

All the vocals were done by me and heavily post-processed. Since I'm new both to the pop genre, and this kind of extreme remixing, there are probably some details that can still be done better.

The "lute" is not really a lute (I don't have one). It's a heavily post-processed no-name acoustic guitar, overdubbed a couple of times, re-tuned for each recording.

At some point, I'll likely make a music video from this song... so watch out for that. :)


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